Listen With Your Eyes

Often when I am walking the dog in the woods I will hear a bird of prey call.

My first reaction is to try and determine which direction I heard the call come from.

Of course listening intently doesn't help until the bird makes another call and while I'm waiting for that next bird call I will often hear the Lord say "listen with your eyes".

I immediately start scanning to see if I can see the bird on a branch somewhere and sometimes manage to see it, usually as it flies off at my noisy arrival.

I Need God (More Than Ever)

Hearing from God is an important part of my life.

As I get older I find myself needing God more and more. Even more so during the challenges of lockdown!

He's the one who keeps me on the rails and helps me navigate the trials of life.

I often wonder how people cope without God in their life.

God Wants Us To Use Our Eyes As Well As Our Ears

Jesus only did what He saw the Father do and would do everything that the Father showed Him (see John 5:19-20).

We know that in these end times, God will speak through visions and dreams (see Acts 2:17) so we need to learn to listen to God with our eyes, as well as our ears, so that we can see what He wants to tell us.

Did you dream recently? Ask God to interpret the dream for you.

Is God showing you a picture or a vision of something? Ask God to interpret it for you.

God may reveal His plans for us as individuals or for the church. He may send us an advanced warning of something to come.

Share what you see with others. Often God gives a similar vision or picture to different people in the church at the same time.

Better still, share your faith. Be a light in these dark times.

God Wants Us To See What He Is Doing

If you can see what is going on in the world then you may well be convinced that we are living in the last days, the "end times" described in the bible.

Luke 13:6-9 presents the parable of the fig tree where a man comes to the fig tree looking for fruit and demands the tree to be cut down when he finds none three years in succession. However the gardener pleads for tending to the tree and allowing it another year before cutting it down if it still fails to bear fruit.

I believe that the moral of this parable is that God expects us (His trees) to bear fruit that He should receive and that He is prepared to wait patiently for it but only so long.

Our time is short, we don't know the number of our days but we need to focus on serving our God to deliver to Him the fruit that He deserves.

I believe that in His mercy, God is granting the Earth more time before He returns in judgement.

In the mean time the devil is accelerating his attacks on the Earth to kill, steal and destroy. He's trying to destroy all hope and fuel massive division and hatred.

Listen with your eyes. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Do not look to people or the world. Look up!

Tim Simpson
23rd January, 2021

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