My First Vision

T hroughout the bible God speaks to people through visions and dreams. In such circumstances God often speaks in advance of something that will happen in the future.

An Eventful Prayer Meeting

Many years ago, I chose to attend one of our church's 6:00 AM prayer meetings. I arrived and remember greeting the usual regular attendees.

People started praying so I decided to close my eyes and asked the Lord to show me something.

This wasn't the way I would normally start praying but for some reason that was what I said that morning.

At first I couldn't see anything, just blackness and kind of like I was watching static on a TV with no signal.

Suddenly I Could See Something

All of the sudden I started to see something. It was like I was watching a video in high definition.

I could see the silver blade of a scimitar-like (Aladdin-style) sword.

The sword was suspended horizontally in darkness and it was as if a camera was slowly panning along the blade from left to right.

The blade was perfectly clean and looked very sharp on both the top and bottom edges.

Eventually a thick gold handle came into view. The handle was jewelled with many precious stones.

Then I Heard A Voice

After I had viewed the whole sword I heard a voice in my head say "My Word Is A Weapon. Love My Word."

The whole thing probably lasted around ten seconds and after it happened I ended up joining in the prayer meeting and going back home without telling anyone what I had seen and heard.

This was the first time I had ever experienced a vision. The imagery was so vivid.

Visions And Dreams Are Not Unusual

It is not unusual for people within the church to have visions and dreams. It's one of the ways that God communicates to His church and is something that we should expect and desire.

Proverbs 29:18 tells us that "where there is no vision the people perish".

Acts 2:17 talks about how God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh in the last days and that sons and daughters shall prophesy, young men shall see visions and old men shall dream dreams.

We are living in the last days right now. Come quickly Lord Jesus but while you tarry Lord, let your children prophesy and send us many visions and dreams. Amen

Tim Simpson
11th January, 2021

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