The Turner Of The Pages


One Sunday I took our dogs for a walk. As per usual, I was praying as I was walking when I started to have vivid thoughts and imaginations about God. The thoughts continued later that day and I was compelled to write them down. So here's what God had me thinking ...

Thoughts inspired by the Holy Spirit

What can I say about the turner of the pages? He wrote the whole book before time ever started. All things in time are known to Him. He turns the pages and His master plan unfolds. He knows the end already and He tells it from the beginning to those who will listen.

He exists outside of time. He is limitless in every dimension, dealing with numbers so infinitely large that they defy imagination, yet He is effortlessly able and cares for each unique individual equally as much amongst the innumerable. He is truly awesome.

He is the turner of the pages. Each page births eternal beings, their mortal stories commencing, others unfolding or ending. Whilst all is known to Him, He Himself desires to be known. He authors Himself an offering of companionship to those of whom He writes. He is able to converse and participate in the journey. He weaves the threads of mortal lives.

To know Him is life. He is the author of it. His words are everlasting, words of truth and comfort, filled with hope, dispensing joy. Yet He is ignored, despised, even hated. So often He is left behind by those in haste, heading to a place they know not where. But He knows.

False accusation is levelled at Him by those who do not know Him and those who hate Him. So often He is blamed but He opens not His mouth. He sees all things. He knows friend from foe, right from wrong, good from evil. Light and darkness are alike to Him but there is no darkness in Him at all. It was not Him who came to kill, steal and destroy, nor Him who is named the father of lies.

He is the defender of the poor, the fatherless, the widow and the stranger. He grasps the wind in His fists and sends it where He wills. He sits above the circle of the earth looking down on men like ants.

He is the turner of the pages. History unfolds at His command just as the seas obey His boundaries. He is kind and gracious. His knowledge is sweet as honey. He paints in dimensions that declare Him: the invisible attributes of the Creator, made visible for all to see. All things were made by Him, and for Him.

He is the turner of the pages. No one can resist Him. He is all powerful yet gentle and meek. He is more ready to forgive than to condemn. His arms are open to receive the lost, celebrating with a heavenly host each child returning home. He has the first word and the last. He is the living Word that lives forever. No one can change what He has written.

So many threads, unravelling side by side, yet each individual is precious in His sight. He paid the greatest ransom that each might know Him, the author of their life, the turner of the pages of their destiny, known intimately to Him before the foundations of the earth were ever set in place.

If you listen, you can hear the pages turning. The blind have seen Him and the deaf have heard Him. The lost have found themselves in Him. The whole earth groans for the awakening of His children. Now is not the time to sleep but to wake up and arise from the dead to be with Him forever.

Soon the final chapter will be reached, each page now turning faster than the last. The night is far spent. And He waits, to greet each of those for whom the journey was not in vain. Those who saw the author, and chose to walk with Him as a friend, collaborating in their life’s purpose which He penned.

His tears are those of compassion. His arms are open to the needy. He is willing to embrace. Look up and see His face.

He is the turner of the pages, through the ages He has beckoned and soon all things will be reckoned but He already knows the end. He ever told it from the beginning.


Tim Simpson
27th February, 2018

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